Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

Unlimited Pre Paid Cell Phone Plans

With unlimited calling plans becoming more popular in the post paid market, unlimited pre paid cell phone plans are also catching on. More and more providers are offering an unlimited pre paid cell phone plan to compete with their post paid counterparts. Surprisingly, you can actually get better value with many of the pre paid unlimited cell phone plans than you might be signing a contract.

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Ok, so you probably think there is some kind of catch right? The only catch is with unlimited pre paid cell phone plans you have to purchase your own phone. However, most providers have some inexpensive devices you can purchase and also have some higher technology type packages giving you choices in smart phones.

Prepaid Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

In the United States, the most popular unlimited cell phone pre paid plans are with providers like Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile. There are several regional carriers also offering the plans, and more providers are coming on board all the time.

What if I want a pre paid cell phone plan with unlimited texting? No problem. Many prepaid providers give you this option and some give you the option to have unlimited texting with a small amount of minutes. We hope we have helped you find the best prepaid unlimited cell phone plan for your needs.