Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plans

Virgin Mobile is gaining popularity across the United States of America, and with good reason. With traditional cell phone providers you have to sign a two year contract to get an unlimited cell phone plan, but with Virgin Mobile there is no contract to sign. You will have to purchase a cell phone, but over two years you can save well over $1000 versus a traditional service provider that you have to sign a contract with.

Virgin Mobile Plans

Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plans Price Minutes Text & Email Data & Web
Low Usage $35.00 300 Unlimited Unlimited
Most Users $45.00 1200 Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Talking $55.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Compiled 5/27/2013. Please verify plan information.  

When looking at the Virgin Mobile plans there are three options that all give you unlimited text, data, and email. The only difference is the amount of talking minutes you get with each plan. So here are the plans in order of how good of a value we believe they are for most consumers.

For just $45 per month you get 1200 minutes of talk time and get unlimited text, data, and email. If you are a Blackberry user, you just add $10 per month to use the Blackberry email client. We believe most users will find this plan to be the best value.

If you are looking for Unlimited Everything, talk, text, data, and email, they have an unlimited cell phone plan that might be the best value in wireless. For $60 per month, you have no worries at all and can use your phone for all your needs without limits. Once again, if you are using a Blackberry there is an additional $10 per month fee.

Lastly is their low talk plan. This plan is only $35 per month and still gives you unlimited text, data, and email along with a small bucketful of minutes. This plan is ideal for the mega texters who don’t talk much.

No matter which plan you choose, Virgin Mobile offers consumers a lot of value with their unlimited cell phone plans no contract. Research well before you buy, but there is a good chance you will want a Virgin Mobile unlimited plan.